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Testing Blood Sugar to prevent diabetes complications

People with diabetes must test their blood sugar regularly. It needs to be done, a strategy to make in dealing with diabetes. Regular testing of blood sugar may increase the risk of getting complications.

There are several ways to get the sugar To test the blood:

1st Methods for measuring blood sugar by pricking the finger with a lancet, by the static in the blood in a test strip and place it one meter to the sugar in the blood did know. The blood glucose meter and can be found in the nearest pharmacy. Some types of meters have software kits to keep the information in the display Charts and graphs to know.

2nd Methods of measurement of sugar in the blood, allowing you to meter, the other parts not only test the fingertip. The parts of the body, that can be tested, are forearm, upper arm, base of the thumb and the thigh. Testing on various parts of the body can produce different results.

3rd Method of blood collection using a laser approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1988. It produces light beam that penetrates the skin.

4th The fourth method, the MiniMed Glucose Monitoring System. It is a device used under the skin. It collects fluid and it can sugar levels in the blood of more than 72 hours to measure.

5th The last method is the GlucoWatch. It was approved by the FDA in 2001. It helps people manage their diabetes by tiny electric currents to be monitored. In addition, liquid draw from the skin and measure the blood sugar levels in your blood for more than 12 hours.

The sugar in the blood is usually before meals, tested after meals and at bedtime. You should consult your doctor before you perform some blood tests. They will tell you how often you check your blood sugar need. In general, you must check your blood sugar more frequently at first. If you feel sick, stressed, or just the things you and you have your Blood sugar control. Consultation with a doctor is a must. Especially when your blood sugar level is very high.

The worst state of diabetes can lead to complications. You have to undergo an operation to fight the complication. Usually, the diabetes-attacks your feet. Some people have even a part of her foot amputated are, in order to prevent the hazardous effects of diabetes.

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